Haiku Diary/Haiku Güncesi

Kadem kiraz ya-
Ballandı dilimdeki
Eski şarkılar
                         3 Haziran 2010

Kargaya ne ki
Mimoza açıyormuş-
Damda ekmek var.
                       7 Haziran 2010

Kırk ikindili
Gül ağacı değilem-
Gitara dönmem.
                         11 Haziran 2010

Gitti bitti ya
Sevgilinin kokusu-
Ihlamur geldi
                       14 Haziran 2010

Selected Haikus from his book Plinth Dwellers of Cihangir (Musalla Taşı Sakinleri,2007)

1. Open me carefully
pink music is the bookmark
love is to the seer.

2. Why are they so happy?
spring light is good to souls
and they watch their dreams.

3. If a falling leaf
sees me dying
it remembers you.

4. School bells stopped ringing
the sun will melt their ice-cream
it’s kids’ holiday.

6. Herald of life anew
is the cherry breeze
to the street cat.

7. I write my destiny,
death, be not proud in vain!
haikus will remain.

8. Once innocence is crossed
love walked its way up the hill
to forget the shame.

18. Hands are like roses
poison for the receiver
cure for the giver.

19. Papalina fish
is under the fig tree now
it will give us life.

20. Storks migrate and
no drop can fall
without being perfected.

24. Oh April showers!
after how many leaves
will you fall on me?

25. Naughty child is snow
rings the bells and runs away
hides from spring breeze.

26. She is the naive one
the rose-thorn nightingale
they cut off her tongue.

28. Cats board on kites
when march is over
and sail to neverland.

29. Fire is the tinner’s friend
shadow is the cell he hides
the sun mercies not.

30. The neighbor indeed
gives you the right hand in need
and always laughs with you.

31. My pomegranates
my good life’s sorrow harvests
always fire my heart.

34. Basho smiled
when cherries blossomed
spring is a friend’s hand.

36. Thin silent handed
angel salutes you dearly
and gathers olives.

37. the horny tomcat
doesn’t see the thorn, nor the wall
it’s time to make love

38. The basil smelling wind
woke up to its lullaby
fire before autumn.

39. It was full-moon and
couldn’t say summer is over
and migrated to the cloud.

40. If a falling leaf
sees you dying too early
it remembers me.

41. Snow covers all ugliness
binman is getting a life-
people come and go.

47. The shadow is waiting
to entertain little kids
the sunset cat knows.

48. Spring is on time
for children on the playground
breeze is their best friend.

49. The road is entwined
ivy hides the homeless face
idea of life stays.

50. The last cool morning
pigeons watch the cherries
the Judas tree leaves.

51. The rose is to bloom
you are always on my mind
like the snow to the sun.

52. Wheat in autumn
is bread in spring for the hungry
life waits on shelves.

55. Art waits for new life
to guard the sleepy dwellers
summer is at hand.

56. Wicked is this May
it devours all my power
to hide in flower.

57. If the lover is gone
the pain left after the fall rain
is nothing but love.

58. My sakuras are melting
untouchable iron from
velvet volcanoes.

59. The air smells basil
The island wind never falls
on penny royal.

60. Snowflakes are tigers
like the dreams of an infant-
Blake’s window burns bright.

61. Light conceals homeless
snowflakes are gods blind eyes
she is invisible.

63. Water way dried up
is a road to fall people
bread is a must in hand.

64. Summertime sleeps
in elderly dreams of man-
framed is presentiment.

65. Tea taste at sunset
is a sign of miracle-
life is here and now.

66. Wicked is the sun
the stone knows and is quiet
man remains and leaves.

67. While plum trees blossom
death is but a coincidence
my life but a haiku.

68. The big juicy peach
yielded its taste to my smile
once I gave it a bite.