Brief Bio

YUSUF ERADAM, Brief Biography
Yusuf Eradam, one of the seven founders of American Studies Association of Turkey (ASAT,
1988), is a poet, essayist, awarded short-story writer, translator, photographer, theatre critic,
editor, and song-writer with a CD of his own songs. Professor of English and American
Literatures for 43 years now, Eradam has written 23 books (9 are translations including and
introducing to Turkey Sylvia Plath & Paul Auster). He received his BA, MA & PhD degrees
from Hacettepe University, Ankara, and from The University of Edinburgh, Moray House
College of Education, Scotland. Eradam worked at various universities in Ankara and Istanbul &
in the USA at UNLV & SVSU as distinguished visiting professor. Now he works at TED
University, Ankara, teaching literature, literary translation, and film, chairing the Department of
English Language and Literature, which he founded in 2018 Currently, he is working on
ecocriticism-and-creativity, and on his theory of Ecological-Ecesis, and his first novel. During
the lockdown he has created a new form of expression turning mis-taken photos into paintings,
which he calls “Faut’Art.” He works in Ankara, lives in İstanbul and İzmir.