Academic Resume


Title: Lecturer, Prof. Dr.
Date of Birth: 29. 03. 1954



Research Assistant: Ankara University,1985
Assistant Prof. : Ankara University,1989
Associate Prof. : Ankara University,1991
Professor Dr. : Ankara University,2000
Professor Emeritus: Ankara University,2004


1. Chair: Ankara University, Faculty of Science and Letters, Dil ve Tarih-Coğrafya Fakültesi, Department of American Culture and Literature. 1999-2004. (12 semesters)

2. Founding Chair: Translation Studies, Haliç University, 2005-2006. (2 semesters)

3. Chair: Bahçeşehir University (BAU), American Culture and Literature Department (2013-2014)

4. Chair by Invitation: T. C. Istanbul Kultur University, English Language and Literature Department (2014- 2018)

5. Founding Chair by Invitation: TED University, Department of English Language and
Literature (March 2018-…)


1. Erkan Avcı, Charles Brockden Brown & the Gothic, 1998.
2. Devrim Kılıçer, Fahrenheit 2000: Alienation in Edward Albee’s Works, 2001.
3. Tuba Geyikler, Mythical and Religious Elements in Louise Erdrich’s Novels, 2001.
4. Çiğdem Pakel, The Aesthetics of the Religion-Based-Violence Ideology in Popular American Films, 2004.

1. Sırma Soran, Staging the Soul: Expressionism and Eugene O’Neill. Ankara U. 2004.
2. Devrim Kılıçer, Symbolic and Ontological Meanings of the Symbols of the New York City, Ankara 2004. (Published by Ibidem-Verlag, 2008, with the title Tower Power: The US on a Freudian Couch after 9/11: A Socio-Psychoanalytic Study of New York Towers. )
3. Fatma Tüba Terci, Postmodern Goddesses in Contemporary Chicana Feminist Novel: Peel My Love Like an Onion, Caramelo, or, Puro Cuento: A Novel and Face of an Angel. Ankara University, 2008.


-2012 Council of Istanbul Architects, Short Story Contest on “Architecture and Human Rights”, One of the Best 20 Stories, with his Story “Muskalı Ev” (The House with a Talisman) (Mimarlık Öyküleri Yarışması-3: Mimarlık ve İnsan Hakları: TMMOB Mimarlar Odası Büyükkent Şubesi, July 2012. 131-137.

-2011 Best Translation of the Year by Ankara Art Council for Yastık Adam (The Pillowman) A play by Martin McDonagh)

-2008 Scholarship to represent Turkey in the first WALTIC CONGRESS for writers and translators; Stockholm.

-2003 KODAK Türkiye Photography Contest, Amongst 5000 Photographs, One of the Best 50 to be Exhibited, with his phote titled “The Witness”/ “Tanık.”

-2002 First Prize, Best Short Film Story (Cinderella) Istanbul Short Films Association, Competition on Stories of & about the Street. (This story was used in the curriculum of SVSU, Michigan, in 1998-99)

-1999 Distinguished Foreign Professor. By Invitation to teach Comparative Literature (Turkish-American) and Introduction to Literature. SVSU. Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan.

-1999 The British Council Scholarship to Represent Turkey in the Cambridge, Downing College Gathering of World Writers and Translators, The Contemporary British Writer Seminar Representative from Turkey.

-1994. Distinguished Foreign Professor. Summer School. By Invitation to teach Comparative Literature and Literature & Film. UNLV (University of Nevada Las Vegas).

-1993 USIA & American Embassy Scholarship “FCR FY 93 EU Regional Project, American Studies” to Represent Turkey, 5 April-1 May.

-1989 The British Council, Grant-in Aid Bursary, to interview the British experts on Literature in Language Teaching before writing MA dissertation.

-1988-89: The British Council, MA Scholarship, Moray House College of Education, Edinburgh.

-1990 TRT-TÜTAV Song Contest, Mansion, “You Have Many Lovers Anatolia“ (Music & Lyrics by Yusuf Eradam)

-1985, Marmaris Song Contest Finalist, (“Rüya Marmaris / Marmaris, A Dream) Music & Lyrics by Yusuf Eradam)

-1984, Eurovision Song Contest Turkey Finalist (“Kaç Para” / “How Much Money.”) Music & Lyrics by Yusuf Eradam. – Kayahan sang the song on the Turkey finals.)

-1983, Eurovision Song Contest Turkey Finalist (“Yaşayamam,” / “I Can’t Live”) Music & Lyrics by Yusuf Eradam)

-1966: Reading Competition, Best English Pronunciation among the Prep-School Students, Darüşşafaka High School.


-2018 “Bubbles and Horses,” Eradam’s first short film about horses run to carriages to carry tourists around in Brugge, Belgium. Selected to be circulated in Canadian schools. Planet in Focus Contest, Toronto, October-November 2018.

-Best Short Story: “What a Pity!” Cardinal Sins, Michigan, USA. 1999.

-Two Stories in USA syllabi:
1.SVSU: Saginaw Valley State University, Department of English, -“Cinderella / Külkedisi”, October 1998.

2. “The Foal on the Pitchfork” (“Dirgendeki Tay”) at East Illinois University, Chicago.2003.


Creative Thinking and Behaviour
Visual Culture
Art of Story-Telling
19th Century English and American Poetry
American Novel (19th and 20th Centuries)
Modern and Contemporary Poetry
Selected Topics in American Literature
Narration in Literature & Film
American Drama
Literary Translation
Popular Culture
Cinema Studies and Film Analysis
The Road in American Film
Special Topics in Translation
Modern and Contemporary Poetry
Selected Topics in American Literature
From Text to Screen
Varieties of Romanticism
Introduction to Poetry, Drama, the Novel
Comparative Literature (Turkish, American in the USA)


1. Ankara State Theatre, Bilgesu Erenus’ play “Arka Bahçe / Backyard,” Sanat Danışmanlığı / Art Director. Director: İskender Altın. 1998.

2. Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman directed by Ilham Yazar at Ankara, State Theatre, 2010-2012.

3. DARÜŞŞAFAKA High School, 150th Anniversary Musical (“Before the Gate”) 2013


-Popular Culture Review, USA, volume 28, No. 1, Winter 2017 (Referee, Editorial Board, ongoing, devam ediyor.).
-ASAT (American Studies of Turkey, Founding Honorary Member, 1988- )
-JAST, Journal of American Studies of Turkey, Advisory Board, Referee-PEN Writers Turkey
-Turkey Theatre Critics Association (TEB)
-Daruşşafaka General Board Member
-ÇEVBİR, Çevirmenler Meslek Birliği (Translators’ Union, A Founding Member)
-Çeviri Derneği, Translators Association (Danışma Kurulu Üyesi, Advisory Board Member)
-Theatre Research Journal, Ankara University, Dil ve Tarih-Coğrafya Fakültesi. (Advisor, Referee)
-Associate Professor Exams Jury Member and Chair
-Assistant Prof. Dr. Language Exams Chair
-Higher Education Committee (YÖK), Bilirkişi / Expertise Reporter
-BAKEA, Abstract Selection Committee Member
-Social Sciences Post-Graduate Studies Committee Member
-Ankara University, Faculty of Western Languages and Literatures Journal (Referee)
-Ç.N. Çevirmenin Notu. (Translator’s Footnote) (Advisor and contributor)
– Çankaya University, Journal of Arts and Sciences (Fen-Edebiyat Fakültesi Dergisi.) Ankara. (Referee)
-Kaos Queer+. Ankara (Advisory Board, Referee)
-PsikeArt, PsikeSinema (Advisory Board, contributor, advisory for 2 issues only
-Advisor, Kocaeli University, Modernism and Post-Modernism Group of Academicians
-Atılım University, Advisor on the International Conferences Board of Faculty of Sciences and Letters
-TEDU, Full Professors Committee Member, Faculty of Sciences and Letters


International refereed journals:

1. “MY LIFE=A HAIKU:” The Transnational Eco-Ecesis of an Anatolian Boy via Creativity in the Age of the Anthropocene. North Dakota Quarterly, 2017: 79 -112.
2. “Donald Trump in Turkish Media,” Popular Culture Review, USA, Winter 2017  (1): 26-59. (Article by invitation; Also Editorial Board member and a referee.)
3. “Foal on a Pitchfork” (Trans. Prof. Dr. Berrin Aksoy) META (Canada) (47 (1), 2002:145-147.
4. “The Hidden Smart Bomb: Terrorism Discourse and War Semantics (Towards a Global-American Grounding)” JAST. Journal of American Studies of Turkey
Rhetoric and/as Terrorism: Notes on September 11 special issue.14 (Fall, 2001): 7-14.

5. “My Sense of Belonging to Istanbul,” IMAGES (IV): Images of the Other, Istanbul – Vienna – Venice. International Conference Proceedings, Lit-Verlag, Wien, Zurich, 2015: 49-60.!turkey/c5hq An Irish online journal published 3 poems in English by Eradam. (they seem to be offline now.)


1. Thespis’in Delileri: Tiyatroda Tek Etki. (The Madman of Thespis: Totality in Effect in Theatre) Ankara: Efil Yayınları, 2010 (Bilimsel İnceleme & Eleştiri)

2. Vanilyalı İdeoloji: Küresel Bellek Üzerine Denemeler. (Vanilla Ideology. Essays on Global Memory): Aykırı Yayınları, 2004.

3. Ben’den Önce Tufan: Sylvia Plath ve Şiiri. (The Deluge Before the Self: Sylvia Plath and Her Poetry) Ankara: Imge Kitabevi, 1997.

4. Aşk Bir Şiddet Eylemidir: Latifeli Yazılar. (Love Is an Act of Violence: Enigmatic Essays, Memoirs, Letters) Istanbul: E Yayınları, 1999.

5. Susma Cesareti. (The Courage of Shutting Up) Ankara: Nar Yayınevi, 2006. (Essays on Film, Sinema Yazıları)

6. Sylvia: Ben’den Önce Tufan. Sylvia Plath ve Şiiri. (The Deluge Before the Self: Sylvia Plath and Her Poetry) Extended New Edition with sections on Nilgün Marmara’s poetry.) Istanbul: Kırmızı Kedi Yayınları, 2015.


1. “Like a Flash in the Pen: Sustaining the Voice of the Rebel Ecologies by Poetry in the Turkish Culture of Obedience.” Notes on Turkish Literature. Ed. Saman Hashemipour. New York: Vernon Press, 2020. (Titles are tentative, Coming up.)

2. “Spiritus Domus: The Decorum of Ecological-Ecesis by Creativity,” Turkish Ecocriticism. From Neolithic to Contemporary Timescapes, Chapter 17. Eds: Serpil Oppermann, Sinan Akilli. New York: Lexington Books, 2020.

3. This Same Sky: A Collection of Poems from Around the World. (ed) Naomi Shihab Nye. New York: Four Winds Press. 1988. (Eradam contributed to this anthology with poems from Turkey, including his poem titled “A Brief Note to the Bag Lady, Ma Sister.” pp: 133-134.)

4. “Stone for a Sling,” THE SPACE BETWEEN OUR FOOTSTEPS: Poems and Paintings from the Middle East. New York: Simon and Schuster. 1992. (Eradam contributed to this anthology with artworks from Turkey and with a poem of his own “Stone for a Sling” / “Sapana Taş”, inspired by a painting by Reha Yalnizcik.)

5. CHE in Verse. Ed. Gavin O’Toole & Georgina Jimenez.Wiltshire: Aflame Books, 2007. (Eradam contributed to this anthology with the translations of poetry on/about Che from Turkey, also with his research on the unjust treatment poets were subjected to due to the poems’ content, which took part in the editor’s “introduction” to the anthology.)

6. Yusuf Eradam, “Stone for a Sling,” “Mr. Ahmet’s Shoes” by K. Tuğcu & “Talk” by Gökhan Tok (Both Translated by Yusuf Eradam). The Flag of Childhood: Poems From the Middle East. Selected by Naomi Shihab Nye. New York: Aladdin Paperback 2002: 55, 9, 65.

7. Yusuf Eradam, “Hartford Blues,” (8), “Man in Manhattan,” (14) Cardinal Sins.Saginaw Valley State University, Fall, 1999.

8. Yusuf Eradam, “What a Pity!” Cardinal Sins. Saginaw Valley State University, Fall 1999: 45-46.

9. Ahmet Arif ve Rıfat Ilgaz, Two poems translated by Eradam. Rhino 99: The Poetry Forum. NYC, 1999: 76, 77.

10. Gülten Akın. Translated by Yusuf Eradam. Turkish Poetry Today 2016. Eds. Mel Kenne, Saliha Paker, Idil Karacadağ. London: Red Hand Books, December 2016: 78


1. “Görsel Kültürde Popüler Uçurumlar,” (Popular Precipices in Visual Culture) IKU, Fen-Edebiyat Fakültesi, Kahve Bahane Konuşmaları. İKU Publications, 2016.

2. “Aşkın Sözü Kördür: Batının Aşk Pazarı ve Paradigmaları,” (Love’s Word is Blind: Paradigms of the West’s Love Market) Doğu Batı. Year 7. No. 27. May-June-July 2004: 63-80.

3. “Santa Godot’ya Mektup,” (Letter to Santa Godot) 3P Dergisi, Vol 5, Additional issue 2, June 1997: 17- 19.

4. “Sonsöz İntihar: Nilgün Marmara ve Sylvia Plath’ın Şiirleri,” (Final Word, Suicide: Poetry by Sylvia Plath & Nilgün Marmara) Ankara University, Dil ve Tarih-Coğrafya Fakültesi, Tiyatro Araştırmaları Dergisi, No. 1. Year 1994: 41-59.

“Sonsöz İntihar: Nilgün Marmara ve Sylvia Plath’ın Şiiri” (Final Word, Suicide: Poetry by Sylvia Plath & Nilgün Marmara) Promete. Sayı 19-20. March-April 1994: 35-45.

5. “Reasons for and Benefits of Integrating Literature and CLT (Communicative Language Teaching),” Ege, İngiliz ve Amerikan İncelemeleri Dergisi, İzmir: Ege University, Edebiyat Fakültesi Yayınları, 1994.

6. “The Theatre of the Absurd and Jean Genet,” Dil ve Tarih-Coğrafya Fakültesi, Tiyatro Araştırmaları Dergisi. No. 9. 1992: 15-23.

7. “T.S. Eliot’s Interpretation of Modern Life,” Hacettepe University, Edebiyat Fakültesi Dergisi, Vol. 9, No. 1-2, December 1992.

8. “Plays for the Progress and the Individual Liberty of the Human Race,” Middle East Technical University, Journal of Human Sciences, X/1, (1-9):1991:1-9.

9. “The Epic Strain in the Caucasian Chalk Circle,” Ankara University, Tiyatro Araştırmaları Dergisi. No: 10.

10. “Literature and EFL: Criteria for Text Selection,” Middle East Technical University, Journal of Human Sciences, X/2, (1991): 47-55.


1. “Saftirik Seyyah Çevirir Gezer! / Gullible Travels Translating.” University, Mütercim-Tercümanlık Bölümü; Çeviri Etiği Toplantısı; Çeviri ve Çevirmenliğin Etik Sorunları. (Gathering on the Translation Ethics) December 8, 2006. Published in 2008: 105-119.

2. “Nazım Hikmet Şiirinin Evrensel Boyutları,” (The Universality of Nazim Hikmet’s Poetry) Doğumunun Yüzüncü Yılında Türkçenin Yurttaşı Nâzım Hikmet. (Nazim Hikmet, the Citizen of Turkish on his Birth Centennial. Ankara University, Tömer Symposium Book of Proceedings, Ankara, 24-25 October 2002. Ankara: Tömer Yayınları, 2003: 110-114.

3. “Popüler Kültür ve Medyada Eşcinselliğin Öteki Olarak Sunumu,” (Popular Culture and the Presentation of Homosexuality as the Other) Kaos GL Symposium Book, 23-24 May, Ankara: 2003: 74-75, 81-83.

4. “Rhetoric and/as Terrorism: Before and After September 11.” PALA Conference by Poetics and Linguistics Association & Boğaziçi University. Other Panelists: Oral Çalışlar, Matthew Gumpert, Bennet Lowenthal (Representative of the American Embassy), Mahmut Mutman (Boğaziçi U.), Ferhat Boratav (CNN Turk News Director) & Rana Güven (NTV News Chief), 2001.

5. “Son Söz İntihar: Nilgün Marmara ve Sylvia Plath’ın Şiirleri” (Final Word, Suicide: Poetry by Sylvia Plath & Nilgün Marmara) Seminar on Women in Art, Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Theatre Department, April 8, 1994. (Published in Journal of Theatre Research / Tiyatro Araştırmaları Dergisi, 1994, No. 11. Ankara University Basımevi, 1997: 41-59.

6. “Nasıl Çevirsem de Kuramsızlığı Kurumsallaştırsam?” (How to Translate to Institutionalize Translating Without Theories) Contemporary Translation Theories and Their Applications/ Çağdaş Çeviri Kuramları ve Uygulamaları. Hacettepe University, Translation Studies Department, Beytepe, Ankara. 12 April 1990. Book of Proceedings (12-13 April 1990). Hacettepe University., Translation Studies Department, Beytepe, Ankara, 1991: 63-74.

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8. “Kate Chopin’in Uyanış’ında Bir Kadın Uyanıyor, Uyarıyor,” (A Woman is Awakening, Warning in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening) Hacettepe University, Department of American Culture and Literature, 1982. 10th Anniversary, Special Issue. Ed. David Landrey. Ankara: Hacettepe University Yayınları, 1992: 139-150.

9. “The Worlds Women Make: Two Swan Songs: Two Statements of the Finality and the Joy of Life in the Poetic Worlds of Sylvia Plath and Nilgün Marmara.” Ege Batı Dilleri ve Edebiyatları Dergisi. Sayı 8. Yıl 1991: 283-297.June 30, 2008.

10. “1984, Orwell ve Gözaltı Toplumu,” (1984, Orwell & the Survelliance Society) HALK TV, Yüksek Adrenalin, 20 February 2014. (TV talk: )

11. Gezi Direnişi Üzerine Akademisyenler Paneli. (Academicians’ Panel on the GEZI Resistance) via the Journalists’ Foundation and Ayrıntı Publications, 25 January 2014.


Poems, Letters, Notes to editors:

-Side by Side: New Poetry Inspired by Art from Around the World, 2008. Notes to Editor Jan Greenberg. (In the introduction to the book acknowledgment present.)
– “Two Leaves in Snow”, Side by Side: New Poetry Inspired by Art from Around the
World. Ed. Jan Greenberg. New York: Abrams Book, 2008: 16.
– World Che Poems Letters to the Editor Gavin O’ Toole 2007.
– Letters and notes to editor Naomi Shihab Nye, 1988
– Letters and notes to editor Naomi Shihab Nye, 1992.
– 2 Translations from 2 Turkish poets: “I’m Some Water Whitening,” by Şükrü Erbaş & “In Place of the End” by İlhan Berk. 1999.
– 2 Photographs from Turkey. Cardinal Sins, Saginaw Valley State University, Fall 1999: 38,40.
-Translations of 2 poems by Salih Bolat: “The Chase,” ve “Etching” (with Michael Gurian) Reflection. Seattle: Gonzaga UP., 1989: 16.


1. “Like Turkeys Going For An Early Christmas: popular precipices in the conspicuously invisible culture of obedience in today’s everyday life.” ERPA International Congresses of Education, Budapeste, May 18-21, 2017.

2. “Epiphanies of Eco-Ececis Via Creative Thinking and Behaviour,” Literature and Eco-Criticism. VIATALKS, 2017, Istanbul Kültür University. Istanbul, 30 March, 2017.

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5. “Moby Dick Syndrome: Monomania & Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour in the Famous Authoritative Personalities of Literature, Visual Popular Culture & Politics to Become Apocryphal History,” 3rd International BAKEA Symposium of Western Cultural and Literature Studies. Gaziantep University & Pamukkale University, Gaziantep, 9-11 October, 2013. Eradam, Yusuf. “Moby Dick Syndrome: Monomania and Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour in Literature”.  BAKEA: Batı Edebiyatında Tarih. Ed. Zekiye Antakyalıoğlu. Ankara: Ürün Yayınları, 2014: 535-545 ISBN: 978-605-4938-36-0

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8. “Pleasant Woe: Story Writing Process,” Waltic: Swedish Writers’ and Translators International Conference with Bilgi University. , September 2, 2010.

9. (Paper presented by invitation) “Labour, Vanity & Envy: Writer Translating / Translator Writing.” Waltic: Swedish Writers’ and Translators International Conference. Stockholm, June 30.

10. “Bartleby Visiting Emily: The Inevitable Encounter of Two Artists in Defiance,” Emily Dickinson International Seminar (EDIS). Amherst, Massachusetts, August 1999. (Turkish of it published 3 times: 1. in Eradam’s book: Bkz. Zıvanasız Denemeler, in Şiir Atı (Poetry Horse) : Alkım, 2004, and in his book Aşk Faili Meçhul Cani. (Love, the Criminal Whose Creator’s Unknown) İzmir: Şenocak Yayınları, 2007. This essay of Eradam’s was also published in English & Turkish in Eradam’s bilingual book of the translation of Bartleby, the Scrivener (Katip Bartleby) Apollon, 2010: 149-158)

11. “The Impact of Popular Music on Eastern & Southeastern Turkey: Ricky Martin in Mardin or Who Am I This Time?” 7:30 pm, Rm 1636, Soc Wk Bldg, 764-0350. CMENAS: Ann Arbor University, Middle-Eastern Studies Department, 1999 Inaugration Talk with Eradam’s photo slides from the South East of Turkey.) The University Record, 27 September, 1999.

12. “Turkish Short-Story,” İngiliz Kültür Heyeti, 25. Cambridge Dünya Yazarlar ve Çevirmenler Semineri. Downing College, Cambridge, İngiltere, July 1999. (Eradam represented Turkey in this seminar to which Salman Rushdie, Doris Lessing, Harold Pinter, Jackie Kay, George Steiner and many more were invited.)

13. “Vanilyalı İdeoloji: Amerikan Popüler İmgeleri ve Küresel Bellek,” (Vanilla Ideology: Popular American Images and Global Memory) Küreselleşme ve Psikiyatri: (Globalism and Psychiatry Congress): İsmet İnönü University, Tıp Fakültesi, Psikiyatri Anabilim Dalı ve Türkiye Sosyal Psikiyatri Derneği Kongresi, Malatya, 11-14 June 2002. (Published in the 9th National Social Psychiatry Congress, Globalism and Psychiatry Congress Proceedings 9. Ulusal Sosyal Psikiyatri Kongresi, Küreselleşme ve Psikiyatri, Kongre Kitabı. İsmet İnönü University Publications, 2002: 283-298.

14. “The Love and Aggression Relationship Between the Outsider and the Intruder in David Mercer’s Schizogenic Families,” The Outsider: International Conference on the Outsider in Literature, Philosophy and the Visual Arts. West Georgia College, Colony Square Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 28-30 Oct., 1988.

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16. “Turkish Short Story Readings,” Drum Cultural Center, Birmingham, England, UK, 2002. (Eradam was invited to read his stories by the Poet Laurate of the City of Birmingham.)

17. “Poetry Translation Event” The British Council International Seminar. Düzenleyen. Örs Turistik İş Merkezi, İstiklal Caddesi 251-253. Galatasaray- 20-22 May 1993. Some of the other participants: Carol Ann Duffy (England’s Poet Laurate), Susan Basnett, Michael Hulse, Michele Roberts, Can Yücel, Cevat Çapan, Ülker İnce, Nedret Kuran, Cem Taylan.)

18. “Two Swan Songs: Two Statements of Finality and of the Joy of Life in the Poetic Worlds of Sylvia Plath and Nilgün Marmara,” The Worlds Women Make: the 15th Annual American Studies Conference. Nevşehir, 24 November 1990.


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-ALBUM-CD: Shameless Rose. 13 Compositions by Eradam, 13 Songs of Turkish Poetry: (EDEPSİZ GÜL). KALAN MÜZİK, June 2014. (Eradam donated his copyright share from the sales to Darussafaka, the school for orphans, he graduated from in 1973.)

-2014, Performed His Own Song titled “Nazım” at the Süreyya Opera House at a Nazim Hikmet Songs Night, the proceeds of which went to Darussafaka, the high school Eradam graduated from in 1973.

– A reading of his short story “Bitli Saniye Abla ve Dokunmatik Pehlivan Enişte” was broadcast on the German radio Deutche-Welle.

-His short story “The Oleaster Tree / İğde Ağacı”) was included in a short-story readings-CD compilation by Denizbank.

-A reading on Open Radio (Açık Radyo) of his short story “The Door / Kapı.”


(All proceeds donated to Darussafaka, a 153 year old boarding school for orphans. Eradam is one graduate, 1973.)

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